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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Still building up the training - on Monday morning I did a 35 minute run. I ran at 10am, big mistake, it was already way too hot for running.

Did no training yesterday.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Training since getting back to running

I've taken it easy this week. It's my first week back since taking about 7 weeks off, so I did three 30 minute runs and the Wednesday night track session.

I want to get back into the running again fairly quickly. I read Steve Cram's biography, and he often had to take 6 weeks off - he seemed to get injured every second week. He'd get back to running by doing a quick run. So I'm planning to do a 19-minute 5km this Wednesday at the track, then have a bit of a go on Sept 23 over 5km in the Terry Fox fun run.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oda Field

Last night, I ran at Oda Field for the first time since late June. I told myself to take it easy, but still got a bit carried away. I ran a 1,200 mid-pack, then a fast 1,200, a mid-pack 1,000, then a fast 1,000. Then called it a night. No point pushing myself when it's only my second run after a 6-7 week layoff.

My chest isn't awful, but I want to track down the cause of the pain. Might be my diaphragm. Seems to be a strain or infection or both.

I've become a bit addicted to I see quite a few other Nambanners are on Facebook too. Send me a friend invitation if you sign up.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bikes in Kobe and Osaka (where they love their Vivalos)

Having some trouble with the blog - pics keep disappearing - I'll fix it soon.

This first bike is a King - made in Osaka. The factory no longer exists. I like the King Speed headbadge. Unfortunately, I had my camera on the wrong setting so it's a tad blurry. The seatpost was intriguing - I've never seen it before, and the writing on it is hard to read - something like Cprep or Criep?

This is a Peloton, but the model before they stopped using traditional lugs. It's still very NJS - Araya Gold rims, 110mm double-sided Dura Ace rear hub, etc.

This is a brand new Vivalo - with the new sticker design. I'm not a big fan of Velocity rims, but I have to admit they're a good match with the sticker. Also nice to see a black Shimano seatpost - but the stem should also be black.

Another Vivalo (made in nearby Kobe), but this time an old one. This one sported a lot of Suntour Superbe Pro, including a super-rare double-sided Superbe Pro hub. The rims are Araya ADX1s (I think), which was what Koichi Nakano used to win his last world title - but were they NJS approved? I thought not, but maybe they were/are. If you want to check this bike out, it's in the Stussy store in Osaka.

Pity about the wheel positioning - it's off centre by about 3mm.


Tadao Ando's Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

On a recent trip we visited two Ando buildings. The Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art Japan is somewhat unusual in that Ando used cut-stone for some of the exterior walls, and overall the building is quite simple - not battling for attention with the art on display.

The other building can be seen below this post.


Tadao Ando's Church of Light

A few days back we visited what is perhaps Tadao Ando's best known building - his Church of Light. I've got used to Ando's buildings being erected in the most unimpressive areas, but this place still came as a shock. The church is in a nondescript back street in a suburban area far from Osaka.

I took a lot of photos of the building because the usual shots have all been taken before. Hundreds of books have a picture of light streaming in through the glass cross in the church's back wall. So, I snooped around and took photos of the kitchen, the courtyard, and the ceiling above the offices.

I hope you enjoy these shots. Also, see my entry on Ando's Hyogo Prefectural Museum.


I'm fine

Well I finally got my results today - and the MRI scan found that I'm fine. Great. So I've wasted 8 weeks of training time. And I'm still in pain - but the doctor didn't know what I should do next. He said I can run again. So I guess I just put up with the pain and start running again. I wish doctors around the world would/could adopt a patient-centred approach to treating people. Personally, I'd love it if the doctor tackled my pain and what is causing it, rather than simply telling me I'm not going to die and ushering me out of the room. But, hey, I'm not going to die. So I should be smiling.


Monday, August 13, 2007

A mamachari with airhorns!

Spotted this bike in Kichijoji today. Funny, in an old lady meets redneck sort of way.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Slight improvement

Over the past day or so my chest has been feeling a bit better. Still not great, with pain going up the middle between my chest (and around my heart!) and pain in the right lung - but much better than before.


Friday, August 03, 2007

Chest pain

This is more of a note to myself. My chest pain worsened yesterday. The pain is on both sides, and an odd bubbling sensation occured at the bottom of the right lung last night. I still have a large red lump on my sternum. It's annoying not being able to run. 10 days until my MRI scan, 17 days until I find out what's wrong with me. I really hope this clears up and I can get back to running.

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