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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bikes for Beijing

With the Olympics rapidly approaching, national cycling teams are taking possession of their bicycles. While many nations, including Britain, are keeping their machines under wraps, a few nations have let the press take a peek. Here's what some of the key medal contenders will be riding.

The French sprinters and time trial riders will be on the "Look 496 Pekin" - said to be 30 percent stiffer than the previous team frame - which was also one of the stiffest available.

The Japanese riders are coached by a Frenchman, and many have already been seen riding French Look frames, but a few will be lining up on a Bridgestone.

The United States
The U.S. team has picked up LEW wheels as a sponsor, and the paralympic team will be riding Ruegamer frames, however, many of the top riders will be riding frames supplied by their individual sponsors, such as this Felt frame being ridden by Taylor Phinney.

The Australian madison and point score riders will be given these brand new frames called the Blade. Made by Bicycle Technologies (BT) they will weigh 6.8kg, yet they're still very stiff and aerodynamic.

The Netherlands
Finally, the bike everyone's been talking about, as ridden by world sprint champion and record holder, Dutchman Theo Bos. This frame is said to have cost half a million euros. That's an exageration I'm sure, but a lot of time, effort and cash has gone into making this bike for the world's fastest rider. (And no, that's not Theo in the photo).

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For those who remember Michael Rasmussen from last year's Tour de France

Here's hoping for a clean TdF 2008 (and an Australian winner).

Only two weeks to go...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not often you see a result like this

World Mountain Bike Championships

1 Christoph Sauser (Switzerland)
2 Florian Vogel (Switzerland)
3 Ralph Naef (Switzerland)

Plus, final stage of the Tour of Switzerland, on at the same time, first place: Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)


Monday, June 16, 2008

running again - just

My achilles pain has gone on the right side, but it's just there on the left - 2 out of 10 pain when I'm NOT running and no pain when I am. Did 1 hour today and yesterday. Seems to make no difference to the pain I feel. Yesterday my legs felt really tight, today they felt OK, but not good.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

More roadies and fixies in Tokyo

Bridgestone with a Brooks

Sorry for the grainy images of this Gan Well Pro. I took it late at night with my cell phone. But check it out. An old Gan Well Pro tourer in mint condition.

A brand spanking new Panasonic, almost all NJS with new Dura-Ace. Someone's doing well.

This Levant is pretty badly looked after, but it's got a carbon Corima front rim. A $350 front rim!

This bike was parked near the Dolan. An average looking road bike - but look at that front wheel. Araya Tita-Ace NJS rim.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

If my left leg was a car...

...I'd have to take it to the wrecking yard. Ran again this week, because my achilles had improved. But three 30 minute runs later and I've got pains in my ankle, foot and both sides of my knee - all on the left side.

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