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Friday, September 25, 2009

City-Bay fun run Adelaide, South Australia

Should I feel pleased? I guess I should. After being unable to train properly since February I lined up in a 12km run in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. Long ago, I marked this race as one I wanted to do well in - and had a time of no more than 45 minutes in mind.

But poor health meant virtually no training for 7 months. I was 5kg overweight, got drunk 2 nights before and walked all day the day before. I should have had an awful run.

I went through 1km in 3.30; 2km in 7.10; 3km in 10.45. Then crumbled. But I kind of held it together for a 48.56 (12km). Which I just found out is a PB - beating the time I ran when I was 25 years old by 2 seconds!

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