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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Two small rants

I try not to bang on about negative stuff, but I'm in a negative mood lately, coz I can't run.

So here goes with two things that bugged me today.

I went to a college fashion show today. I thought I might spot a future talent - always good in my field to keep your finger on the pulse. But I saw nothing.

All the clothes looked like they had come out of a manga comic, and the seats were set so far back from the stage (I was front row, but still 25m away!) that I couldn't see if what I was looking at was well made or not.

But then the prizes were awarded and I was stunned to learn that nothing had been made by individuals. It was all teams! No wonder the standard was so poor - this was fashion design by committee. No room for individual expression, no chance of stunning people with your special effort - just middle of the road, cartoon-inspired rubbish. Stupid system.

Second rant, Miyuki Hatoyama. Not cute. Not sensible. Not "a breath of fresh air". Just plain wacky - which is not good for a first lady or Japan. The international press are saying Ms. Hatoyama is breaking the mold of meek Japanese women who stand behind their men, but the same system that produces meek produces immature fruitcakes. The nation's first lady has a lot of growing up to do, I hope she does it quickly.

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