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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bikes in Kobe and Osaka (where they love their Vivalos)

Having some trouble with the blog - pics keep disappearing - I'll fix it soon.

This first bike is a King - made in Osaka. The factory no longer exists. I like the King Speed headbadge. Unfortunately, I had my camera on the wrong setting so it's a tad blurry. The seatpost was intriguing - I've never seen it before, and the writing on it is hard to read - something like Cprep or Criep?

This is a Peloton, but the model before they stopped using traditional lugs. It's still very NJS - Araya Gold rims, 110mm double-sided Dura Ace rear hub, etc.

This is a brand new Vivalo - with the new sticker design. I'm not a big fan of Velocity rims, but I have to admit they're a good match with the sticker. Also nice to see a black Shimano seatpost - but the stem should also be black.

Another Vivalo (made in nearby Kobe), but this time an old one. This one sported a lot of Suntour Superbe Pro, including a super-rare double-sided Superbe Pro hub. The rims are Araya ADX1s (I think), which was what Koichi Nakano used to win his last world title - but were they NJS approved? I thought not, but maybe they were/are. If you want to check this bike out, it's in the Stussy store in Osaka.

Pity about the wheel positioning - it's off centre by about 3mm.



At 4:39 pm, Blogger Lucas said...

i just got to osaka and am looking for a bike quick, could you suggest any stores in osaka to check out? thansk.


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