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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The cleanest Tour de France in years?

It's counterintuitive, but I believe this year's Tour de France has been one of the cleanest ever. For the first time since the mid-80s the testing has caught up with the doping - which meant a lot of riders got caught. Riders who, in previous years, would still be riding.

There's also a big push from the ranks of the French, British and (most) German riders to clean up the sport.

As for my predictions?

Well Cadel Evans has ridden to a fine 2nd place. The best-placed Aussie ever. Only 23 seconds off first. Oh, and Cadel is clean.

The green jersey was won by another clean rider - Tom Boonen. Not my pick, but I'm happy he won.

The polka dot jersey went to the Colombian, Soler. Soler's performance is another indicator that there's fewer drugs being taken. He is the first Colombian to win a mountain stage since EPO (which mimics the effects of altitude training) was introduced. Colombians winning is a good sign.

My pick for the white jersey competition was Amets Txurruka, who is wearing the white jersey today because Soler and the overall winner were both also young riders. So Txurruka is the highest placed young rider not already wearing a more imprtant jersey. Geddit?

I've always been told that if you can't say anything nice about someone you shouldn't say anything at all. So I shall not say a word about the "winner" of this year's Tour.

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