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Saturday, July 07, 2007

No commitment

Lately I've been pretty busy with work. Working during the day then coming home and doing freelance stuff, so the running has had to fit around that. I just finished a big job this week, so I thought I'd have a good week's running this week. However, I seem to have got into a rut. I train well Sunday and Monday, take Tuesday off, run track Wednesday, but then something always crops up and I find myself doing very little or nothing Thursday and Friday, then I run Saturday. This week it was a big drinking session Thursday night. I haven't drunk much in ages and it made me feel tired.

I've got to start increasing the miles and running more regularly. With my knees still in recovery mode I think it's a good idea to have two days off a week, but the current three days off a week is no good at all. And the distance needs to go up. Currently I only run one run a week over 90 minutes - I should be doing something that length twice or three times a week.



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