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Friday, June 29, 2007

Oda Field

Ran the 5km time trial at Oda Field on Wednesday night. 18.03. Felt uninspired before the run, and I think I've got an old stomach ailment back. I had to go out the night before for a colleague's going away party, but I limited myself to two half pints. I guess the late(ish) night still had an effect. Since the run I've felt really tired and worn out. The heat maybe?
Also, I realised post run, when I was trying to work out what time I had done (my watch didn't stop) that I was saying I had finished about 20 or so meters behind Jay. I'll put that down to being a bit tired and out of it, I was more like 150-200 meters behind Jay. He was a speck in the distance.

So my plan to take off 11 seconds each time I run the 5km has been thrown into disarray. I think I'll actually go back to plan A - which is to run a 5km doing steady 1.23 laps. That should see me break 17.30 on a good night. A 4 second improvement is better than a failed attempt at 17.22 that exhausts me after 7 laps.

Knees were fine, but I've got a tendon (?) strain behind my right knee on the inside. Hurts at low speed, fine running fast. Oh, and I'm still getting intermittent chest pains.

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