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Monday, July 09, 2007

Chest/lung problem

I went to the hospital today, and after an ECG and X-Ray the doctor was able to tell me that something might be wrong with me. He thinks I'm OK, but wants to do more tests to be sure. But he can't do the test (using an image resonance machine) until August 13.

I asked him if it was OK to go in a race (I've got a 5,000m track race on July 16) and after asking how long it was he said no (not sure why he bothered asking how long it was - 5km would seem to be one of the easiest distances on the lungs).

Then I asked if I could still train. He said that training for 5km might be too difficult for me (what ever that means).

So, if I follow doctor's orders it's no training for me for a month, and I miss my race.

It would seem from what he told me, that I have pleuritic pain.



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