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Thursday, November 08, 2007

40 minutes - a tad too fast

I feel like I've improved aerobically lately. I ride my bicycle to work and back every day, and I find I'm able to ride faster for longer (more time in bed, yes).

Also, tonight I ran further than ever for my 40 minute run. I turn at 20 minutes, but tonight that turning point was the Asahi building.

Knees feel crap as usual, but I find the stretching I do is just enough to let me keep going each day.

Massage soon - booking in for the 19th.

Not sure which 10km to run on the 16th of Dec - the One by One run, or a road race in Ota-ku. Need to make up my mind tonight.

Oh, no running yesterday. Drank a dai-jocki, chu-jocki and a glass of beer. Too much.

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