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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Best fixed gear bike ever built?



At 6:30 pm, Blogger Craig said...

This one, yea?

At 7:08 pm, Blogger oldsprinter said...

Can't see it - yer Flickr asked for a password.

At 7:27 pm, Blogger Craig said...

Ah .. My friend must have his collection set to private. Anyway, it was just a shot from the 100% Design expo. Quite a fancy bike!

(BTW: Since I've started reading your blog I've shifted from being a sole-cyclist to a runner in the last month. Did 30km around the Palace last night in prep for the Kawaguchi-ko marathon. I have to admit all of your posts about knee pain, etc have made me ultra paranoid. :-) so I'm keeping it slow and deliberate (30km @ 2:50 avg HR 160))


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