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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wind and rain - not a day to train

Rest day today - and what a perfect day to rest - a typhoon blew in.

Still looking for those ekiden runners.

Also, I'm going to enter the One By One run on Dec 16. Entries close soon. 5km and 10km on offer, mail me for details.

We found out we can get Wolf Blass cab sav delivered to our door cheaper than it costs at the supermarket. I might never leave the house again!

I got in contact with an old pal from way back via Facebook yesterday. He won Olympic gold in 2000. I nicked a photo or two from his site (I hope you don't mind too much Scott) - because it shows the incredible atmosphere of 6-Day racing on the track and the steepness of the tracks.


A lot of people don't realise how steep these velodromes are - bloody steep. It's a two storey drop from top to bottom.

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