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Saturday, October 20, 2007

My fixed wheel bikes

It's a nice, sunny day today, so I thought I'd take the chance to take a proper photo of my fixed wheel bike. The bike gets used every day and gets bashed by mamchari users who don't realise it's an expensive bike (and still wouldn't care even if they did know I guess).

The frame is made by Bryan Hayes in Adelaide. He made all of the bikes for the Australian national team up to about 1993. After that, carbon fibre frames became the norm.

The cranks date back to 1983. Suntour made excellent parts, but they went broke in the 80s.

The frame's a bit scratched and battered but the Columbus tubing sticker remains.

Campagnolo Mirage brake caliper; Campagnolo Record steel pista headset; and a bright green Vittoria tubular that never seems to wear out.

The back wheel - with much lusted after Hoshi blade spokes. The hub is Campagnolo Record 28 hole. The rim a Swiss-mde Steiger - another company that has sadly gone out of business.

And I have another fixed wheel bike - but I used it for its intended purpose - track racing. No brakes, no gears, pure speed - well, if it was ridden by someone other than me.



At 4:57 pm, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Nice bikes Gordon.

I saw your result for Takashimadaira on Juergen's blog. Well done considering you have really only been doing consolidation type training. I hope the knees held up.


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