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Sunday, October 14, 2007

90 minutes (yes, I know I wasn't meant to)

I had a good LSD (long slow distance) run today.

I didn't run Friday, then last night we went to a special movie screening and ended up going for dinner with a young director (who has just made a series of films with a musical hero of mine Jim O'Rourke), a professor and one of the cinema managers - and it was an interesting night, so I had two beers and ate fried food.

So today I did a little more than I should. But I felt good, went slow, and I'll take it easy tomorrow. Although, I've got my eye on a decent time on Sunday for a 5km road race, so I'm thinking of doing a hard run on Tuesday night, then a mini taper to the Sunday run.

Knees were so so. Not bad.

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