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Sunday, October 07, 2007

35 mins + cycling at Imperial Palace

Did a pretty easy 35 minutes today. The left leg felt good - why is it that after a hard run my sore left knee often feels good? Perhaps I'm tightening the inside of my knee which balances the strain on the outer side?

We went to Imperial Palace earlier today by bicycle. The road at the front of the palace is closed to traffic on Sundays, giving cyclists freedom of the road.

Some riders parade around on the most amazing bicycles. Two Colnago F50s, a Look 595 Ultra, plenty of De Rosas, a Pinarello - and all kitted out with the latest stuff - Rotor chainrings, Nokon brake cables, Tune skewers, etc. (For those who aren't so cycling savvy - it's like turning up to your local park in a McLaren F1 car). The riders don't seem to be training - they just roll around showing off. I guess it's better than sitting indoors.

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