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Saturday, October 06, 2007

5,000m at Komazawa

I ran at the Shibuya Track & Field day today. It was a very well organised event (made a little less organised by Fabrizio and me not knowing we had to register and holding up our race) and the weather was perfect.

My legs, however, were far from perfect. I had a shocker. Right from the gun I felt rough. Actually I felt hungry, thirsty, sick, undertrained, tired, old and slow. 'Tired, old and slow' sums up how I usually feel, but all seven maladies occuring at the same time saw me struggle from lap 1. That said, I went through lap 4 about 20 seconds up on my 17.30 schedule. Then I quickly began falling apart. Fab became a yellow Namban spec in the distance, while I worried about coming dead last.

For the first time ever I got lapped. And by three people. I struggled to finish, crossing in 18.11.

Fabrizio won his category I believe - assisted a little by the dramatic collapse of one of his rivals right in front of him. Another Nambanner Jo made the 200m final. And we had other people in the 1,500.

It's not much fun running with insufficient training, but I entered this event a long time ago - before embarking on my Steve-inspired Slow and Steady Wins the Day program (which was never intended to win this day).

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