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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Swapped my shoes for wheels

Today I decided to go for a ride instead of running. I did about 90 minutes - and about 30 minutes of that was at a pretty good pace. My ITB is nasty when I'm going into a headwind and my cadence is high, but with a tailwind and a big gear my leg felt fine.

I'm doing a duathlon in February, so I need to do a ride now and then to get used to cycling again and to dial in the bike. At the moment the bike feels OK, but the Q-factor of the cranks and pedals is awful. I think I need new pedals to replace the very old Time pedals I've got. Also I'll need new tyres for the race - the ones I have at the moment are like tractor tyres. I'm also thinking of replacing the front spokes with some bladed spokes to improve the bike's aerodynamics.

The bike

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