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Friday, November 02, 2007

Rest day today - but ran 35 minutes yesterday

Knees weren't too bad as I ran yesterday - and I felt good about it. But they ached after I stopped.

I need to see a massuer. I bumped into Jason today - amazing, way west of Tokyo on a station. He told me of a good new massuer he's found. Speaks English too. I thought that was very nice of Jason considering he is now officially the "enemy" after deciding to run with Harriers in the Shibuya Ekiden. Harriers will have an excellent team - it will be nearly impossible to beat Jason, Brett, Taro-san and who ever else they choose to run.

Thanks for the tip Mika. Pity I'm a terrible swimmer - and that cycling also hurts my knees. I need to take up archery or something.

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