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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Running, riding, writing - and art

Quite a day today, rolled out of bed, into my shoes and ran for 50 minutes, lots of stretching after, then sent off the final proofs of a book I'm finishing up to 'my editor' (I love saying that - as if 'I' have an editor) in London (100 PDFs!) then headed off to the Imperial Palace by bicycle with my wife, did a few laps, then headed home, swapped bikes (good for cheaper) and went to the MOT gallery to see Space for Your Future - a bit dull in the main, but a great 4-storey silver baloon is floating around inside - worth the trip alone. Then back home, a bowl of tuna sashimi, raw egg and rice - then watched the film Basquiat. A sad film - and I've never seen what was good about him as an artist - Keith Haring was better and Lenny McGurr (Futura 2000) was far, far better. Basquiat and Cy Twombly seem to me all hype and no substance.

Futura 2000

Keith Haring

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