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Sunday, January 21, 2007

We won!

After all my fears about not starting, not finishing or badly damaging myself I managed to line up, run, and help the team to a win in the open division.

Our women also won their event. Our masters A team ended up having quite a battle with our masters B team - the B team leading for much of the way. They both got pipped by the Police team, but took 2nd (A team) and 3rd (B team).

I'll add results as I find them out.

I ran 2.8km in 9minutes 05seconds. I'm fairly happy with that. I wasn't firing today - too many disruptions to my running, too many other worries.

Namban member Paddy took some good shots of the startline (I hope you don't mind me using these on my blog Paddy!), I also nicked one from team mate Jason's blog (again, let me know if that's a problem!) and I took one shot myself.

After the run I went for a 10 minute warm down and the injury to my right knee flared up again. It's such a strange pain, it comes and goes quickly. When it's bad I can't even walk, yet minutes later it can be OK. The physio said it was patella maltracking, but I think it's chondromalacia or some sort of very localised problem.

I can take some solace in the fact that my football team, Charlton, won this weekend. A very rare event. To make things even better Sheffield United lost, making our chances of staying in the Premiership just a little more likely than me winning the pools three times.


At 9:32 pm, Anonymous Ingo said...

Congratulations Gordon (and no other sh1t from me this time)! ;-)

I think that's worth the Namban Medal Of Honor in gold!

You are having quite some setbacks in your running to deal with these days but you showed up in your fire fighter racing flats and nailed that run regardless of all the risks and pains you were facing! Hats off!

You deserve that ice on your knees tonight! Get better soon buddy, Ingo

At 10:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Gordon...great run. Congrats to you guys. I'm glad I was in the right place at the right time to grab your hat and gloves for you! Hope the legs are feeling better for the outing.

At 12:49 am, Blogger oldsprinter said...

Thanks for the comments guys - and thanks for taking my hat and gloves Steve, much appreciated.

As for the legs - the left is OK, the right is really bad. I can't even walk, I have to walk with a stiff leg. More research needed to find out what is wrong. It's the same pain I got after 30km last Monday. I have a horrible feeling it is bursitis, which means many weeks of rest to let it recover - just when I need to train and run the marathon.

My theory (or should I say, Stamford University's theory) that fast running is OK for ITB syndrome might be true, but it sets off my right knee. :(

At 12:55 am, Blogger oldsprinter said...

Actually, I'm not sure if bursitis is the same as chondromalacia of the patella, but I reckon it's far more likely chondromalacia of the patella AKA runner's knee, triggered by a tight ITB.


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