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Friday, January 12, 2007

My top 5 cities to run in

Inspire by the list on The Greater Perrinville Athletic Association (see right) I thought I'd quickly list my fave 5 places to run.

1. Rejkyavic - Almost no ice (the name is to trick people). And you can float in a hot sulphur lake after your run - bliss!


2. Adelaide - my hometown. 30km of beach and almost no people on it - imagine, a 30km barefoot run!

3. Tokyo - best running club in the world, some good park and river courses.


4. Kobe - good paths along the coast. Excellent places for long runs out near the longest single-span bridge in the world.

5. London - surprise choice, but the Thames makes it a good place. And if it's good enough for Craig Mottram...



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