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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Route Vigor massage/1 hour cycling

I had my massage AT LAST, and my knee feels almost back to normal - I think. The guys at Route Vigor, especially Kanazawa san (if I have his name right) did such a good job. He started by using a special ultrasonic "steam" machine which fires a rapid pulse of something - not sure what - through tubes connected to the skin with patches.

After that, he got stuck into the massage. But it got better - while the sensei massaged my hip and lower back another sport massuer started on my feet and lower legs - it was funny when the pain got too much and I had to explain who was hurting what.

I went for a ride on my bicycle along the Arakawa. It takes only about 15 minutes to get there and then it's traffic-free cycling for miles and miles. I have forgotten how to properly ride a bicycle - it took 40 or so minutes to get the feeling back.My knee felt good - but running on it could still be a different matter.

Here's on more pic from the ekiden (more below). Anyone know who it is? I think it might be Juntendo University's final runner. He's got orange Mizunos on - similar to mine, but not quite the same (I had a good look).

I'm back to running again tomorrow - hurray!


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