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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Breaking all the rules

Well, last night we had a party at our place. I drank a can of beer, then another, then another. Then we decided to crack open the Moet, and at the same time some friends opened a bottle of awful Asti spumante. So that was two more glasses. Then my better half decided to stop drinking, so I was left to finish off her big glass of red wine. Talk about mixing drinks!

I said I wouldn't drink until Feb 19 - well, maybe that starts now.

But the really bad news is my knee is getting much worse. Without massage I won't be able to run much. In fact I think I'll train on my bike tomorrow. I did an easy hour today, but my knee pain has gone from tightness to actual pain. I need to get back to a massuer quickly.

We had Xmas today because I'm working tomorrow, so I've got my hands on my new shoes.



At 8:38 am, Anonymous Ingo said...

Merry Christmas to the two of you! Don't worry about breaking rules - runners do it all the time; we know better but we go ahead with whatever we better not do.

And knocking yourself out at the party is probably not such a bad idea. I hope the hangover is so bad that you have to take the much needed break for a decent recovery ;-)


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