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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hip pain stopped! Why?

I went out tonight worried about my hip. It doesn't hurt when I walk, only when I run - and usually around the 25 minute mark onwards. So I was ready. But right from the off I felt good. In fact I immediately decided to get a lactate threshold run in. I did my usual 30-32min course in 27 minutes, then did an easy 30 minutes after that. And no pain. I've got a massage booked for Friday and I'm almost scared to have it now - what if the massage irritates the muscle and the pain comes back?

Yesterday I had a day off.

Oh, my weight is down further. I registered 58.8kg after my run today (I know what you're thinking - dehydrated, but I usually weigh myself after a run, so I'm comparing like with like). I want to get my weight down to 56. When I lived in London my weight climbed to 67kg. I thought I'd never weigh less than 60kg again. Now it looks possible that I might get back to the weight I was when I was a full time cyclist (56kg) although my weight once dropped to 49kg when I had glandular fever - now that's thin!


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