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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another 5km, another high-17-minute finish

I tried a different approach to running 5km at the track tonight - time splits. The time splits were right, but I don't have the feeling in my legs for staying on a schedule. I ran the first lap 6 seconds too fast, then was right on schedule for the next two laps, but then I didn't get a time check until 1km to go - and I was 24 seconds behind! I lifted the pace and finished in 17.49. A good run, but I could have done better. So my fastest 5km times are now 17.45, 17.49, 17.51, 17.55. I really need to make a breakthrough and get under 17.30. I feel with a pace-maker or a person giving me time splits I can do it.



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