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Friday, November 17, 2006


Pinarello brought Alexandro Valverde and Oscar Pereiro to Japan for the show.

Alexandro Valverde and Oscar Pereiro

Alexandro Valverde's Pinarello

Tour de France winner Oscar Pereiro

Hummer had only one awful mountainbike on display - but it did have two nice looking girls

Panasonic has been involved in the cycling industry for years. Here's one of its carbon offerings.

KMC teamed up with fellow Taiwanese company CKT (are they one company?) to produce this bike. CKT made the brake calipers, seat, seatpost and handlebars.

Opera Leonardo

Colnago Ramarro

Colnago Arte

Cannondale's version of SIS cranks

The Nitto Aheadstem lineup - including the new titanium stem. The stem weighs 126 grams - quite heavy for titanium, but with an eye no doubt on ensuring the stem receives approval from Japan's keirin racing body.

Q-lite rear hub

Testach's cyclocross bike

Shimano showed its Alfine range. Terrible name. Aimed soley at commuters.

Ritchey wheels

Taiwanese Whistle frame

Mizutani showed finely crafted shoes and saddle bags

Koga had a big presence. This is its scandium tubed offering.



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