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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back to running well + more bike show pics

Know that I know what's wrong with my knee and ankle I feel like I can train hard again. Two days ago I did a fast 90 minute run, yesterday I did a light 30 min run and tonight I did a fast (about 4 min/km) 1 hour run.

When I finish running I never know what to do first - stretch, ice, shower? Shower, stretch, ice? So I tend to stretch before I get inside (so I'm still warm), then use the shower to spray cold water on my legs, especially the problem bits, then shower, then stretch again, then ice. I think the ice packs I'm using are too small - I must get myself a bag of frozen peas, perfect for knees.

My hip is hurting when I run. A little muscle tucked just behind the pelvic bone on the left side has flared up. And the back of my knee is a bit swollen and sore (tendon trouble again).

I'm back for another massage on Friday, so that should help the hip pain. Not sure what to do about the back of the knee, just keep stretching I guess.

Now for a change of topic, I thought I'd show you all some more of Cycle Mode Tokyo. This time it's parts, not bikes.

Pro is linked to Shimano.

Not sure about the American Classic graphics on these hubs

If only I could afford AX Lightness parts!

Interesting to see these two calipers from Campagnolo side by side.


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