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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yoyogi Park run

Today I went out for a run around Yoyogi Park with Nambanners this morning. Two new guys were out - John from New York and Matt from New Hampshire. We also met Luke and Chiba-san after about 30 minutes. My knee and ankle both felt a bit better.

Yesterday I went to K's Massage. I came home, and wrote a big, long blog entry about it - then it disappeared. So I'll rewite a bit of it.

K's Massage in Ebisu didn't match my expectations when I first arrived. It looks very corporate, more like those massage centers you see in shopping malls, where they pat you on the head a few times and send you out again.

They do shiatstu - the world's worst form of massage - but it was adequate. My leg is a bit better.

Now can anyone tell me where I can find an old, gnarly handed man who does deep tissue sports massage, who can push the rubbish out of my muscles, clean out my lymphatic system and get deep under the major muscles to muscles like my piriformis, which needs to be loosened (all the things shiatsu can't do).

How to get to K's

Go to Ebisu subway station
Come out, turn right, head under the rail bridge
Turn right again, station on your right.
Follow street left.
See Mizuho bank.
Turn left at bank.
Walk until you see Zest.
K's is straight after that.


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