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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Run for the Cure 5km

I had high hopes of winning the "Run for the Cure" 5km around the Imperial Palace today. I know the course well, and I'd seen a video of last year's event - the winner didn't look super fast. This year I lined up with last year's winner (lets call him LYW) and a few other guys like me who seemed to be out to take his crown. I took off fast, dropping everyone except a guy who looked like Buzz Lightyear and LYW. But it was one of those days when you have nothing in the tank. I just didn't feel right. My legs were heavy and a bit spongy. My brain was saying "Pack it in and go back to bed." I decided the best way to stay focused was to stay at the front and try to drive the pace. Buzz Lightyear disappeared. It was down to two of us. Then LYW went to the front. I ran with him but that imaginary bit of elastic that stretches between you and the leader stretched, and stretched, then finally snapped. He hurtled forwards, I fell back. But I'd gained a big gap over the rest of the field, so I pressed on. I have to say here, the decision by the organizers to let about 300 walkers go off ahead of us was particularly stupid. When you're running fast the last thing you want to worry about a tripping over a child or running into some old woman. I ended up running on the road - not the best place to be, but my only option in the circumstances. I ran alone for 3km, but in the final 1km, as the course heads downhill toward Sakurada-mon I was caught by one guy, as he ran past I got the shock of my life. He was wearing boxer shorts with a big arse sticking out the back. A double check revealed the arse was a fake - but then I released I was in grave danger of being beaten by a young guy running alone with a stick-on arse!! I couldn't let that happen. I gritted my teeth - the finish line was almost in sight. Then I heard more footsteps - it was Buzz! He had caught me... we ran as a group. Mr Fake Arse in the lead, followed by Buzz, then me. Now last week I was in a similar situation, I sprinted and finished third. But this time it felt different - my legs were empty. I tried though, but as soon as I started to speed up the other two reacted. I came in 4th, in 18.05. My slowest time in months and out of the placings. It hadn't been a fun event for me, it hurt all the way, and after I stopped I cramped up in both legs. Next Friday I'm going to get my leg treated by someone - haven't decided whether I should get massage, physio or something else yet. I hope that after that I'll be able to resume full training again and start running well again.

By the way, if you want to donate to the good people who ran this event, visit:


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