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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting worse and worse

Haven't posted much because I don't have any good news. The ankle is getting worse, now my talofibular ligament is hurting. The knee is still bad. Did 30 minutes last night and my shin and knee felt bad. Today my ankle is burning.

I'm entered in a 5km track race on Sunday and I know it'll kill me if I run it, but I'm lining up anyway. I'll do a lot of warm up and stretching beforehand.

I'm meant to run the weekend after that but I'll probably be in crutches.

Went to Awajishima on the weekend. It's the island where the England football team stayed during the World Cup. The buildings are designed by Tadao Ando, but he obviously didn't retain architectural control over his creation. The owners of the site have ruined his work with all sorts of tat, from posters to pot plants. It made me appreciate Naoshima even more.


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