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Friday, September 29, 2006

Gan Well Pro track bikes + 1

Strange huh, I saw two Kalavinkas in one day, now I've seen two Gan Well Pros in one day. What are the wheels on the red bike? They look painted - perhaps some old Nimbles?

This black Gan Well is not quite as good in the looks stakes, but it looks more rideable. Love the banana shaped Brooks saddle. And the front brake is a good idea - I simply don't agree with the no brakes philosophy. Call me uncool but the fact is one day a fixed rider will lose his/her life because of not having brakes.

This last bike remains a mystery. No decals, no engravings on the rear stays, no headtube badge. I like the 28mm all black tyre on the back, it goes well with the frame. The bars look good too - really old skool.


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