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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bush and Blair

I'm off work today because of my cold. And I have no running to report, so I thought I'd share some musings on the world's two most powerful leaders - George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

I found it amazing to hear Bush talking about the Internet. He plainly knows nothing about it at all. He called Google "The Google" and said he has only used it to view his ranch on the satellite map function (worryingly he seemed to think the images he was seeing were live). He also admitted to not having an email address and having never sent an email.

And Blair? Blair signed up for his first ever mobile phone this week. It's 2006 and Blair has never owned a cell phone. I guess when you're the prime minister of Britain you don't need a mobile - it's not like he has to use pay phones - but, still, doesn't he have any personal friends that he doesn't want his secretary screening before passing on a message?

Makes you wonder how the two most powerful leaders communicate with each other. Carrier pigeon? Semaphore? Maybe they're both closet ham radio afficionados. I can imagine Tony getting off on saying "10-4 good buddy" to George.

And that's 10-4 from me for the day too. Over and out.


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