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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bonenkai x 3

Carrying on from the last post I did, my answer to my running dilemma was to do a short run (50 min) but with some hill sprints (3 x 200m).

This is the season for bonenkai (end of year parties) and I managed to get to three this week. The European Union bash on Wednesday; a friend's one for work and friends on Friday and the Namban Rengo one on Saturday.

Namban Rengo's was held at a member's house who lives at an embassy compound, so the house was very big. Lots of good food, too much beer, and about 60 really nice people.

I've kept up the running. Yesterday, I did the Namban Rengo bonenkai race. A complicated event, it involved choosing a time to run 6.6km in, then running exactly that time without a watch. To make it even more difficult it was done in pairs, with slow runners setting off first and faster runners chasing. The aim being to cross the line as a team. I had a good fast run. I held a pace that was just over 3.35 per km for 6.6km.

Here's some photos of the 'event' (I forget who took them, sorry who ever it was for not crediting you, I'll have a look through my email account to find out).

My hip hurts from yesterday's run.


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