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Friday, December 01, 2006

How do I get faster?

With my leg on the mend and my mileage up I thought I'd be running a lot faster. But while I breathe better and recover quicker, I still run 5km in about the same time I did back when I ran the Yokota Air Base 5km about 6 months ago.

Prior to the Yokota I had been taking about 15 seconds off my time every time I went for a competitive run. Now, I realise I've managed to take just 16 seconds off my 5km time in 6 months. I'm improving at less than 3 seconds a month!

I feel like I'm in a rut. I've got used to one speed - mentally and physically. Perhaps this is some kind of natural barrier. Perhaps this was the time my training had been preparing me for.

So something has to change.

Now, having said all that I have to prepare for the Tokyo marathon in February - which means mileage is more important than speed. So if my times come down it will have to be by virtue of increasing my VO2 level by running long distances. I think this is a very Japanese way of tackling the problem of running fast anyway. Traditionally, Japanese marathoners don't have high top speeds but they can run at a fast pace for the whole race.

So more miles, less weight = higher VO2 = faster 5km time and good training for the marathon.


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