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Saturday, December 02, 2006

A good 5km training run

I only had time for a short workout today, so I headed for the Imperial Palace and did a couple of laps. I took the first lap easy then put in a quick lap. Finished the 5km in 18.15, the fastest time I've done for the lap without being in a race.
There was an ekiden on with lots of slow runners (a few were even walking), so it was nice to pick them off one by one.

Last night we went out to a bar in Roppongi, called Super Deluxe, probably the least Roppongi-ish bar you could imagine. It was full of interesting Yoko Ono types. There was a band playing called Kinky Muff Land - a wailing woman 'playing' a glass bowl and a guy twiddling with a guitar-and they were followed by a belly dancer. We'd had a few drinks, so somehow it all seemed to make sense - and its nice to see someone willing to break the rules a bit.

Anyway, parked outside when we came out of the club was a beaut Gan Well Pro track bike. Black with all black parts. Unfortunately, it was too dark to take a picture with my phone.


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