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Friday, December 22, 2006

New shoes for Xmas, but no pudding

Today, I went to Mizuno HQ in Kanda and bought a great pair of shoes. Limited edition, they are available at the HQ only. They weigh 170g. They have no name on them, so I can't say what they are - I guess they're a prototype. They are similar to the Wave Spacer at the front, but at the back they have a low heel cup and the innersole is slightly more forgiving than the Wave Spacer (not sure if that's a good thing).

I was really glad the limited edition shoes were in stock because the new for 2007 Wave Spacers are rubbish. There's four types, but they all have a really high and fitting heel cup (like Asics) which will probably give lots of runners Achilles tendonitis problems.

I also bought new socks and some gloves.

I went for an easy run today. My cold is lingering a bit and my left knee and hip hurt - and the back of my knee feels tight and a bit sore, but not when I run. I just did 33 minutes at a fairly relaxed pace. Tomorrow, I'll do a longer run.

I've been eating better but seeing no loss of weight. I'm hovering around the 60 kilogram mark. I really want to lose 4 kilograms. I think 56 kilograms would be the best weight for me to run the marathon at, but I don't want to lose weight near the marathon. So new shoes but no pudding for Christmas.


At 10:53 am, Anonymous Ingo said...


don't be too ambitious with your weight loss. If you have to force yourself you may end up feeling burnt out close to the race.

Your weight loss will come naturally with increased mileage at reduced speed. 2-3 weeks with 100k and you'll be there, AND you can eat what you want, whenever you are hungry! Isn't that better?

Cheers, Ingo

At 1:06 pm, Blogger oldsprinter said...

True, although I was eating junk food too often and fruit not often enough, so attention to my diet will be kind of important.

I've gone without alcohol since the club bonnenkai, not bad huh!


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