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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hakone Ekiden

Yesterday, I watched the Tokyo-Hakone-Tokyo Ekiden, a two-day relay running event that pits Japan's top universities against each other. Unlike in Australia, university events here are of the highest standard. Most of the runners in this ekiden can run a sub-14 minute 5km and a sub-30 minute 10km.

My office is close to the finish line, so, from the window, I caught the second-placed Nihon University team runner finishing.

The crowds were four deep right along the final few kilometers of the course.

Kanagawa University's final runner in tears after finishing at the tail end of the field.

Waiting for the winner.

Crowds at the finish.

You would think watching all this running would inspire me, but instead, I went for a drink with my colleagues last night. I had four beers, I stayed up too late, I ate fried food. It's hard to not be able to run and yet try to stay focussed on running. I'm off to get my massage now - a good massage. Hopefully, I can run tonight or tomorrow.


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