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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Still no running

Until I can get a massage I'm not going to run. I can tell my patellar is maltracking badly, so every step I take under any sort of load will do damage to my knee tendons. I might be able to go to Route Vigor tonight, they open until 10pm. So no Wednesday night running at Oda Field for me. There's a 10km time trial on there tonight - I really wish I could have run it.

Tomorrow we're off for a little holiday. We're going to see Obachan - but not the parents or their yappy old beagle because they're on holiday overseas. I hate the yappy beagle.

The yappy old beagle. Don't let looks deceive you, this is one bad dog.


At 10:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many psychologically tormented dogs in Japan resulting from being alternately kept in solitary confinement and treated as children. Not sure if that is the cause of your particular nemesis' problems, but anyway, I can relate.

I am curious about your patella maltracking. What does a maltracking patella feel like? Is there any pain, or does it kind of squish around or something? If in return you want to know what a corked thigh feels like, I can help you out. Shame about the time trial (for both of us). Have fun at oba-chan's.

At 9:41 pm, Blogger oldsprinter said...

Because my gluteous maximus isn't developed enough, my Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) does too much work. Because of this, the TFL pulls on my ITB and the ITB pulls the kneecap to the left (on a left leg) - thus causing the maltracking.
When you run with a kneecap that doesn't sit right, the tendons get strained. The pain is felt above and below the kneecap. The pain for me also radiates up the edge of the ITB area.
I heard about your corked thigh - haven't had one since high school.

As for the dog, you got it in one. I think beagles need open spaces, so they can chase rabbits and foxes. But this one is locked indoors all day and just gets an hour's walkies in the morning and evening.


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