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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

This is our Christmas tree - with my shoes underneath, fresh out of the box. I carried this tree back to our place on my bicycle - it was folded up, but it was still very difficult to carry.

My nice new shoes.

Books my parents sent me. I think Peter Coe (author of the book on the right) was a genius. I was reading a book on Bill Bowerman, the athletics coach of the U.S. team at the Munich Olympics and he rated Peter Coe very highly, so I've been looking into Coe's training advice.

For all the ex-pat Brits out there who want to see the Queen's Christmas speech, you can watch online at:

I can't wait!


At 8:52 am, Anonymous Ingo said...

Nice pair of racy shoes! Next time we watch out for you in a crowded race we just have to look for the pair of legs wearing these hot, orange racers! You'll be easy to find! Funny though, your stuff is getting lighter and lighter and I just picked up my heaviest pair of running shoes ever for my higher volume winter running - the mighty 369 grams Asics Kayano 13. Now that's a shoe!


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