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Sunday, January 07, 2007

20km at 4 min km pace

Today, I ran close to 20km in 1hr 20min 21sec - including having to stop twice because my shoelaces came undone (both sides grrrr) and I got hit by a cyclist (stoooopid gaijin girl, where's Ishihara when you need him?).

I'm pretty happy with the run - but holding that pace for twice the distance and then some? Forget it. I'm not ready yet.

Because I ran in the rain yesterday I was forced to wear my racing flats. Now I've got blisters. Still trying to find a good shoe/sock combination for the marathon. I think it'll be flats with thickish socks.

One thing about running at the palace is that people totally misjudge your speed when you're running fast. They look at you, then walk in front of you, presumably thinking you'll take a few more seconds to get to where they are. I'm constantly surprised that parents will let their toddlers run across the path of cyclists and runners - it seems they just don't understand what happens if a child gets hit.

Injury report: The knee behaved - just. Some pain, some pain that came on at about the 18km mark (worrying). Good thing is the pain moves around and never gets too bad. I do think it impairs my running though - the muscle just above the knee is rock hard, totally unusable.


At 5:23 pm, Anonymous Ingo said...

I loved to run this pace in a half marathon race but am far from it at the moment...

Man, what are you training for, really? On the one hand you're nursing injuries and overstress effects here and there and on the other you crank out a 4min/k almost half marathon - which is cool stuff but a lot of poison for an ailing running machine.

And: you don't need to run that pace twice to run sub 3h - but you know that ;-)

Anyway, now you should have more than enough confidence to tackle the big 3. Get the mileage up, look after your little aches and then fingers crossed everything will hold together. Mata, Ingo

At 10:32 pm, Blogger oldsprinter said...

I feel like I have to throw caution to the wind - it's time to train and go for it. If the knee gives out on me - well, I tried.

At 11:53 am, Anonymous Ingo said...

Just found this entry:

The Trial of Trials

This guy did a very similar workout (13 miles, 1:25:41, 6:37 pace), but he's a 2:37 race horse!

So your 4min pace for 20k was a pretty good "development race" to gauge your marathon abilities but it's probably too hard to be a regular workout in the sub 3 league.


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