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Friday, January 05, 2007

90 minute run

I finally got back to running today. The knee isn't perfect - still stiff and a bit sore - but it doesn't hurt much and doesn't get worse on the run. Most pain is in the tendon area below the knee and to the right of the patella. This makes a lot of sense because my patella is being pulled from the top left - so the strain is diagonally opposite to the pull.

I will get a massage every week from now to the marathon, so I will keep working on the ITB.

I wore my new shoes today - I must admit that when I walked out the door I thought I'd do no more than 1 hour, so wearing 170 gram shoes didn't seem like such a bad thing - but the new shoes were fine. I don't know what it is about Mizuno's X-10 sole, but the first couple of times I wear new Mizuno Wave Spacers i get hot feet. After the first two runs the heat goes.

I should make a note to myself here - I had a twinge in the groin out running today. Hopefully it's nothing - I don't think I need any more muscle problems. It was in the left leg of course - I've never had any problem ever with my right leg.


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