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Saturday, January 13, 2007

1 hour easy

Ran with the wife again today. We ran at a decent clip for an hour. The knee and achilles are fine, kind of. I mean, the pain doesn't bother me. The pain comes and goes. At times I think 'Great, it's gone' then 5 minutes later it's back again. The knee isn't painful really, it feels more like someone is grabbing it with their hand and squeezing it.
I've got tape on my achilles now, running from under my foot to the top of my calf. It stops the achilles stretching too much.
Tomorrow I will do another medium length, medium pace run, then Monday morning I will do a long run of about 35km.
I find the real benefits of a massage don't kick in until about 3 days after the treatment, so here's hoping.
If anyone knows of any surefire treatments please let me know. I always read about sportsmen and women who undergoe 'intensive treatment' to get fit for a big event - but I never hear what that treatment is. Any ideas?


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