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Friday, January 19, 2007

Another bike to take my mind off the ekiden

In my desperation to run the Shibuya ekiden I headed to Shibuya to find a rolling pin and a soft ball to use for massaging my leg.

I noticed this very basic but clean and cool looking track bike...(it's a cheapo Fuji in disguise, but don't tell anyone)

All red - he even painted the headset

Cut off riser bars - a bit silly really

The rear wheel has a strip of LEDs on it and the red lights flash in a random pattern

NEWS FLASH A little update. I went for a 40 minute run this afternoon. After 25 minutes, I did a 1km hit out at a good pace. The legs felt OK. The ITB pain didn't really worry me, in fact, it feels better at speed (apparently this is normal). While out on the run I felt like I can definitely do the ekiden. Now, a shower and cool down later I feel fairly confident still - if a little fragile.


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