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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good news?

I went to Tokyo Physio today. Those guys cost SO much! ¥15,000 for the visit plus a bundle of tape for my knees. But anyway, they had a good look at the left and right knees and the diagnosis is...

I haven't torn anything, nothing loose or about to fall off - and the most likely cause of the pain on the right side is the same as the left - patella maltracking caused by a tight ITB.

On the left side I've developed mild tendonitis under the knee, which is adding to my pain.

So I have been given a basic stretching exercise to do each day, I've got a rolling pin for self massage, a small ball to roll my leg and hip on, and a rucksack full of books to add weight for when I do my exercises. I have tape on both knees to center the patella. I also have a bag of ice. Now I have to work on the leg every day. I read that one guy fixed his ITB problems in 11 days with regular deep-tissue massage. I can't afford that, so it'll have to be the rolling pin and ball - and stretching.

If you share my ITB problem, you might like to read these two articles, both of which are very informative:


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