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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Grrrr, knees still not great

I'm throwing everything but the kitchen sink at my knees, this week I had two hours' massage and acupuncture on Monday, then Thursday night I had another 2 hours - physio then acupuncture.

I went for a run tonight and the knees are bad. It's frustrating, but I know this is a long-term problem.

Now, it might sound crazy, but last Sunday my wife and I went for a 6 hour mountain climb. I was totally prepared to give up at any point and turn back, or find the nearest bus, but the knees were fine. In fact, for two days afterward they gave me no trouble at all.

But my total for this week is that walk and one 35 minute run. Plus cycling to work and back each day - but that's just 15 minutes each way.

Regarding the treatment I had Thursday. I saw clubmate Russ. His diagnosis was absolutely spot on. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the biomechanics of the knee and what he taught and showed me. But I remain a skeptic about acupuncture. I felt little or no discernable improvement or change except some slight soreness where two of the needles had been. I was told I'm atypical in two respects (my stomach temperature and muscular reaction to the needles - ie, they cramp and reject them) so perhaps acupuncture is just not for me. I will persevere with it for a little longer, but I fear I will be disappointed.

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