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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A good way to check your friends' IQ

A very basic and silly hoax is doing the rounds of Facebook at the moment, and I've found it interesting to see who forwards it on to me - a good way of checking who has commonsense and who doesn't. I'm pleased to say only three friends have fallen for it.

So if you get a Facebook mail titled any of the following, please don't hit forward, just stop and think why Facebook would want fewer members, why the message is full of typos, and why it's only circulating via Super Wall (hardly the most effective method to reach every Facebook user - only 19 percent have it).

“Attention all Facebook membeRs”
“Attention all Facebook membeRs.”
facebook hoax overpopulated
hoax facebook overpopulated
facebook is recently becoming very overp
Facebook overpopulated hoax
“attention all facebook members”
facebook funwall hoax

Rant over.

I'm on Twitter now by the way - twitter/kankiknight



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