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Sunday, November 25, 2007

25 minutes easy

Went for a run today, to test the progression of my knees. The right one is back to normal, but the left has developed a pain at the bottom right of the kneecap. This suggests slight tendon damage (a common secondary problem when the ITB is pulling the kneecap out of alignment). The pain was OK and diminished a bit near the end of the run. I have no swelling.

On matters political, I'm kind of glad to see Kevin Rudd elected in Australia. Unfortunately he's a bit a Blair. But, fingers crossed, he might be good.

It is sad to see, however, the continued obliteration of the Australian Democrats, with all of the party's seats being lost - including Andrew Bartlett in Queensland. The Democrats now have only one elected member of any parliament, and that is in my home state of South Australia, Sandra Kanck.

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