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Thursday, November 22, 2007

No running

Haven't done any running since the mile. Knees still hurt - and hurt worse than ever before - even compared to when they went before the marathon. I need to get good treatment but nothing has shown any signs of working so far - acupuncture was a useless waste of time and money, most massuers have little or no idea, chiroprody doesn't get to the cause of the problem.

I've heard rolfing is good for my ITB problem (am I right to be a little scared of this treatment?) and I feel sure that the right massuer could help.

Other than that I think I'm looking at surgery - a costly and risky process, but one that delivers good results to many runners.



At 12:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly recommend rolfing for any musculoskeletal problem. I had every type of bodywork before I found rolfing. The other bodywork I found effective is craniosacral therapy.

Good luck!


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