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Monday, November 26, 2007

Found a great massuer - at last!

Thanks to some-time Nambanner Jason I have found a great massuer. Onogi-san at Itaden in Yotsuya. I went there today at 1pm and he got stuck into my legs straight away. No mercy either - I was nearly going through the roof. When I complained he told me I have to put up with it and got straight back to work. He was never dangerous though - seemed to know exactly how far to go.

Following the massage he gave me acupuncture. I'm the world's greatest skeptic about this voodoo art, but he insisted, so I gave it a go (the second time I've tried it). He seemed to place the needles better than the last person to try it. I'm still unconvinced about acupuncture - but this session felt better than the last one. Presumably all placeboes should feel the same - so perhaps there is something to acupuncture afterall. Not convinced it's anything more than a way to jack up a massage bill for little effort at this stage though.

But back to the massage, Onogi-san was super professional, speaks English, and used ice to cool my knees as he was working on other areas. Gave me good stretching advice too.

When it was over I checked my watch - 3pm. He'd given me an extra hour. I half expected a bill for 2 hours' massage and acupuncture - but no. Total cost: ¥5,250. A bargain.

I've booked in for next Tuesday.

Oh, and the knees feel slightly better - or maybe that's just in comparison to the pain I endured this afternoon!

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At 11:56 am, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Gordon, sounds great. Can you email me with details about Itaden ... address, phone, payment plans (national insurance). I would like to put it on the Namban and my Community walker web sites. I am also somewhat interested given that I use Yotsuya station every day (until I change jobs at the end of the year at least)


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