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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back from Seoul

I spent the weekend in Seoul and had to do an interview and nightshift yesterday, so I'll get back to training today.

Taking Stephen's advice, I've decided to focus on some basic training, building up the miles, before I get stuck into the Wednesday night sessions. So today and maybe tomorrow I'll do two 40 minute runs. I need to keep my weight down, too, so the longer runs will be helpful.

Seoul was worth the trip. It's obviously poorer than Tokyo, but still a very safe, clean, friendly city. The traffic is mad - motorcyclists ride helmetless, without lights on at night, and don't stop for red lights. They even ride on the footpath. But the subway system is excellent. We went to the Leeum museum - and great gallery full of Korean historical pieces, modern art and modern Western art. We also went to W Hotel for a drink on the last night - the bar is designed by New York's Studio Gaia, a design firm run by Ilan Waisbrod, who works with a lot of 'cool' people in the states such as Michael Jordan and Jay-Z. Taxis are super cheap, so getting home after the trains stop running isn't a problem.

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